Alzheimer's Caregiver
Alzheimer's Caregivers
Are you headed for a wipeout?
● Aggressive Behavior
● Wandering
● Sundowning
● Family Conflicts
● Caregiver Burnout
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Alzheimer's Caregiver
Family Caregivers
Are you running out of options?
● Bathing Resistance
● Fall Prevention
● Eating Difficulties
● Repeating
● Caregiver Stress
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Alzheimer's Caregiver
First Time Caregivers
Are things getting too crazy?
● False Accusations
● Delusions
● Agitation
● Care Refusal
● Caregiver Depression
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No one should ever have to take this journey without the knowledge they need to thrive.

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We Make You Alzheimer's Smart!

We help Alzheimer's caregivers connect with the knowledge they need to thrive. 

Located in Seattle, WA

Founder's Words

I know how tough this can get ...

Nobody is ever fully prepared to care for their loved one with Alzheimer’s.

You make a commitment to be their caregiver ... but as the disease progresses sometimes things just spiral out of your control.  We can fix that.

ALZSmart can restore your peace-of-mind by empowering you with the ability to find solutions to your problems.

We think ALZSmart can make your caregiving experience one of the most rewarding chapters in your life.

Keith M. Glein

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